kabuldur (kabuldur) wrote in legos,

Lego identification - help needed please

Hi everybody,

I am a mother of a few Lego lovers and I'm hoping you guys will be able to help me.

The other week I dug up this Lego man in my veggie patch, which is far from my house. What were my kids getting up to? I am doing some supersleuthing to see if I can find which Lego series this Lego man came from. Then I may be able to pinpoint when this little explorer was lost. Then again, maybe not, as my youngest son inherited a lot of them :) They are not really in trouble, BTW.

Of course, I could ask one of my sons. I guess really, I am a Lego fan at heart :)

BTW, I found this cool site: http://www.itsalltrue.net/?p=5750
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he's got the wrong legs but he's an M;Tron figure from 1990 - 1991

Oh,thank you. And it would be just like my kids to change around the figures :)
And also, it probably belonged to my youngest son, then. I'll have to ask him about this! :) :) :)
That's an M-Tron minifig. :)
Thanks for identifying it!
You're welcome! :)
Wow, I still have a bunch of these guys buried deep in my collection.
A few years back, I went on a kick to reclaim some of my lost childhood. I went to the various LEGO sites, found the instructions/parts lists for all of the M-Tron and Space Police (the blue/black ones), bought all the parts and built all of the sets once I got them. Sets I never could get as a child. It was wonderful!

Now, of course, the pieces are all sitting in a box in a closet, waiting for the day I pull them out again. :)