Brian Pierce (captain_slinky) wrote in legos,
Brian Pierce

On-Line Lego Mini Plans?

Anybody know where I can find the plans for all those little Lego Star Wars Ship models? Let's see if I can find a few pics of the packages...

There's one! I have personally owned and constructed the Millennium Falcon, X-Wing Fighter and AT-AT Walker, and have seen packages for the TIE-Fighters, Slave 1, Snow Speeder and a few others... but I forgot to hold on to the instructions and now I would like to make a few billion space ships.

Also, how about some fan-made Star Trek plans in the same scale?
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Has everything LEGO ever put out for like the last ten years or so.
WOW i had no idea! Here I was thinking I needed to find some covert shady operation with a secret handshake and everything... thanks :)
I wish I could get my hands on the mini Millenium Falcon, but the only place I've see w/ one for sale wanted $100 for it.
Do a search at for set 4488 and you'll have it for FREE! Only piece you'll be missing is the custom-printed top disk, but I'm happy to use a plain old grey one for my Falcon :)
I looked at the plans & I haven't got about 75% of the parts required. If I still had my original collection I might have managed it, but it was one of the boxes that went MIA over the last couple of moves.
Buying individual pieces is much cheaper than buying a kit... just sayin' :) is your friend