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Back from the convention; Pictures from Brickfair 2011

This year, like the previous couple, Erin and I went for a four day immersion into the deep geek world of adult Lego enthusiasts, or AFOLs: Adult Fans of Lego. Not the the young ones weren't there in numbers, but the primary drive is adults.

We will start off with what I consider a clever idea. The Lego convention, rendered in Lego.

while certainly not an accurate model, it certainly conveys the feel of how it is on public days. That is on Saturday and Sunday when the public, for a fee, get to come in and look at everyone's creations

Erin did something a bit smaller this year, a Gypsy Encampment. Complete with Dancing girls, one with a tambourine, around a campfire. A horse drawn Gypsy Wagon helps to set the scene.

Near Erin's entry over in the castle section was one of her favorite's a ship being tossed on a wave, flanked by mermaids playing in the surf

Also on the subject of ship, this Lego ship in a bottle won the prize for "Most Inspired." I agree with this.

Also in the Castle area some teenagers old entered some stunning renditions of traditional Japanese fortresses

Also in the same area was a glade full of carnivorous plants

I particularly like how this person used pirate peg legs to create a satyr

This person did a ginormous castle

Other than them canceling the Running of the Bulls(a midnight opening of the Lego store for 1/2 off damaged items) the other annoying this was all of the lecture were about selling and self promotion, the one that didn't sound like that was "Lego Architecture Tips" by Athur Gugick. While he was a well paced and entertaining speaker, the 90 minute lecture was composed of 75 minutes of him congratulating himself for being such a good builder(and he is a really good builder) and 15 minutes of  tips. Not exactly worth my time.

Here is one of his fantastic creations

This years theme was NASA, which had its own table. I particularly liked this space station

One subject that consumes a lot of space, and the attention of rabid 15 year old boys with indulgent wealthy parents is military. WWII western theater is a big focus as there were several D-Day set ups, like the one below

Or German troops in the field

Though a group devoted to creating a lancape standard used their area for war games

Another area, with quite an overlap in those rabid 15 year olds is Apocalego. Creations set after some sort of apocalypse...this year being some sort of Waterworld scenario.

Though, speaking of apocalyptic events, this creation of the person, Todd, who organized the event got a lot of public ire

There were some nice entries in the Boat category, this 1930 tramp freighter

and the granddaddy of the all, The Titanic

And there were Bionicle creation. Normally I don't have much respect of Bioncle, but some of the creations were exceedingly well thought out, this dragon amongst them

This sculpture of Mickey Mouse caught many an eye

Though Mickey wasn't the only Disney cast member present

As in previous years, this spectacular animated Caurosel was present

As was this aquarium scene, although no one knocked it over like last year

This was a neat use of forced perspective

Good, we got a giant Japanese Robot. Oh, wait, is this one of those crappy 60 models where you have to shout out the name of each attack before using it? Fine. FIRE MAGMA MISSLES! Man, my throat is going to be raw by the end of the day

I like the use of the wizard hat to simulate a bucket being emptied

A lovely Japanese house set up next to me on Sunday

The Steampunk area had a strong showing this year, this was my favorite, a Ship being tossed on wave caused by a Native American Shaman

and there were even renditions of games, Such as this Stratego set

On the smaller side, there was microscale. That is items quite a bit below minifig scale. This Microscale ship reminds me of the Shadows of Babylon 5

But there was a substantial minifig Serenity there

I tried my hand at microsale this year, adhering to the Micropolis standard. A particular scale and arrangement that allows diverse fans to put together a cohesive cityscape.

My larger entry was "The Bureau of Bureaucracy" seen in the upper right hand corner

Though I drew some ire, but more approval, for "Pinky's Gentleman's Cabaret," note I chose the words carefully, I you are old enough to know what they mean, I am not exposing them to anything they don't already know

Now some items were larger than minfig scale, like this faithful copy of a historical home

Or this Streamline Modern Diner. I spoke with the creator for a lit bit and he seemed kind of...intense.
But I suppose that befits the intense superior quality of the creation.

There was a 14 inch tall Dalek

Some things even went larger than life size, like these crayons

A particularly "connected" fan, Starbeanie, did this rendition of slave Leia from Return of the Jedi

Now to the Town and Train stuff, which is my particular interest, well other than the drunken Speed building competition(which I placed poorly in, but not as poorly as last year)

This Sea Shore scene with Sand Castles won best on Town/Train

The Batmobile up on Blacks, next to the Bat Trailer? Did Bruce Wayne get involved with Bernie Madoff?

Yeah, this years pic of this didn't turn out blurry.

This guy did a Mid century modern train station, he got the right colors and proportions, be it feels lacking in detail and depth.

I love, but do not know, how they got the Hazmat spill to luminescence

John Rudy, a great guy, made this Hollywood style Streetcar

The Ghostbuster guys set up near me again this year and included an Animated lit up alien invasion

Some people taking pictures and pointing to some of my creations

Me and my best creation so far, Tide Motel.

and my new entry for this year, Star Car Wash.

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