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Summer in Lego City

Someone left a cake Lego in the rain sun!
Yes, it's definitely summer out here in Lalaland, and my brain is melting from both the heat and all the Lego I'm putting up on eBay!
I've got new and used sets and minifigs! Star Wars! Toy Story 3! Racers! X-Pods! Knight's Kingdom II! Agents! Space Police 3!
And one lone Bionicle. I'm adding new stuff every day! I've got two large Knight's Kingdom castles coming!
And also a Viking Ship versus Midgard Serpent set!
You can see my wares by clicking this handy-dandy link.
If that doesn't work for some bizarre reason, my eBay seller name is "zrath".
Thank you, enjoy, and stay cool!

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