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Brickfair 2010

Last weekend I went to the lego convention in Dulles Virgina with Erin. She participated for the first time.

The weekend didn't exactly start well as we got near the convention on Thursday, the sky opened up with a downpour that reduced visibility to about 12 feet....not great when looking for road signs in the capricious Virginia highway system. Then after ducking into a mall we had even more difficulty finding our hotel as the directions took us to the highway next to it, when the entrance was NOT on said highway. Furthermore it had no signs and was locate off of a side road, that was off of a side road, behind another hotel.

Erin developed a migraine, but after dumping the stuff at the Hotel it was off to the convention center to set up our stuff. Luckily mine only suffered minor damage in transit. Erin's being primarily scenery, did not fare so well. I helped her to plant lego grass for about 45 minutes after setting up mine.

Friday went better, I was invited to be one of the examples in a seminar on historic architecture, as I specialize in mid-century Googie stuff. Erin ended up buying a few things from Brickforge, a fan based company that makes lego compatable items,  particularly she got "centaur bodies" We mingled a bit but I suggested we get to the lego store early to get our pick a brick stuff, before the rush the was the big Friday event; "The Running of the bulls"

The "Running of the bulls" is where the lego store opens after hours to allow member of the convention to buy damaged boxes at 50% off. People are randomly selected as to order, but this year, to stop hoarding, particularly from resellers who sell by the piece, it went in rounds. The first time around you got to choose one, the second two, the third three, and if you stayed for the fourth...you could buy as much as you like. 
Erin got the space shuttle set for her father, and I got the Grand Emporium. Second, I got two Green Grocers and Erin acted as my agent as she did not want to stay for round three, even if two thirds of the crowd leaves after each round.

 Saturday we swam in the Hotel pool, then Saturday behind our creations to answer question from the public. Funnily enough, when we arrived, some random guy was behind Erin's set up answering questions on it. While I was happy with my location at first. A person set up a huge Marshmallow Man and lit up Ghostbusters Scene next to mine. But still even there were hundreds of people still oohing and taking pictures of my stuff, even if if he had five times as many. Later Erin and I chilled in the build and play, met a neat couple from New York. Then George and I participated in the drunken speed building competition. I didn't do well, but hey a free 50 buck set and ten Jello shots.

Sunday the public came again, almost as many as Saturday, we packed up. Watched the final ceremonies, Erin and I both got minor sets as door prizes, then everybody got an Exoforce set(Yes they were handing them out like candy. I never got why Exoforce is not looked upon favorably, some nifty pieces got introduced through it. Had some pretty good Mexican food, then headed home.

The Pictures

A Strange Jester looking thing as part of the castle area. I thought it really conveyed a sense of creepy Amoral menace.

A Green 1930 sky scraper by my fellow enthusiast of Historic Architecture

The anthropomorphic animation of the water added an eye catching quality to a nice sailing ship

I just like the dense vegetation mixed with a guy picking mushrooms

Little burgers, I hear the are good, but there are no White Catles in this part of the country

Normally I don't have a lot of respect for slightly modified versions of commercially available sets. This, however is very much an exception. The builder took Market Street and Cafe Corner set, then updated them into a Bladerunneresque/Cyberpunk future.

Unfortunately, my picture of this completely done came out blurry, but I was quite impressed on the details of this early-mid 20th century Mobil station

Sometimes the big guns are still pint sized

A nice rendition of an early movie theater

A very well done greenhouse made out an expensive knockoff of Lego called Modulex, intended for architects There are certainly parts I'd love to see in lego

This stained glass effect must have been difficult to achieve in this size

At first I thought this was spider skull island from  the  Venture Brothers,  It wasn't, but the builder did say he was inspired by such.

The giant Boeing aircraft was a public favorite, but I later found the some parts had been spray painted and that it was held partly together by screws. I think doing thing like that kind of misses the point of choosing to build in the medium of lego.

I thought building cute versions of U2 in bionicle pieces, just darn clever

A nice Castle setup

Christmas at the Burrows. The Christmas cracker is a nice touch

A Bavain Nobleman's Carriage, even at its small size, this must have been hell to transport

A Victorian funeral carriage. particularly the use of harry patter hair as plumes is well played.

AN abandone childcare facility, after the apocalypse. Kind of reminds me of pictures from Chernobyl

Another well put together post-apocalyptic building

The inventors house from "9"

Erin behind her MOC "Storytime"

Detail of "Storytime"

Bother Erin and I LOVED this Cathedral. Met the builder, a bald man with a Walrus Mustache who was there with his mom who was also a AFOL(adult fan of lego). Most people there with there Mom were under 14 this guy look around 50.

One of those Pakistani decorated trucks

This Tardis played the Theme song. There was LOADS more Doctor Who stuff than last year. I wish I has a picture, but there was a minifig third Doctor in Bessie, his yellow antique car

Speaking of Doctor Who, Daleks versus Stormtroopers.

Impressive bank structure on the WaMaLug table

Bionicle Chicken

Bartertown....where's Tina Turner

More Historic Architecture

I love the roots

AFAIAC, this is a masterwork of angles. It really conveys a sense of realism

This "Aquarium" was done by the wife of "Starbeanie" which someone knocked on the floor. It was reassembled.

A Powerminers train layout. It was really well thought out, complete with the drill rotating as it went along

Steampunk train

Thousand-plus minifig Napoleonic battle, complete with era appropriate troop formations

The Monster Two Story Cranes that get on the news every year.

It all Greek to me

My Sal's Fish and abandoned Plumbing supply store

The delicate operation of building the post apocalyptic Washington monument


The future girlfriend of the some of the kids working the military table

A huge and well done port.

Well this scratch the idea of Erin and I trying to build a gingerbread house as something "original"

The Nautilus. Funny how Iconic it is

The aforementioned Ghostbuster Setup

A close shot of my early 1960s shopping mall, Vincent Hills

The Sign of the late 50s motel.

An overall shot of the Motel

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Do you know if those mushrooms are an official part, and if so, what set they came in? I can't find them on bricklink.com. Also, I don't think Modulex counts as a "knockoff", as it was an official Lego product. Are there any other pictures of the "Storytime" MOC?
First, didn't know Modulex was made by lego, my bad.

You can see more pictures of Storytime in the blog of Satinglimmer, the maker

The Mushroom is a Brickforge piece. A company that makes Lego compatable items out of melted down lego.

The mushrooms are awesome, aren't they? They are on my "wishlist" as far as "cool things Lego should make." But until they make 'em, I'm going to cheat and use BrickForge.

Since you expressed interest, here are a few more "detailed" pics of my Storytime MOC. I'm a first-timer, so please excuse the lameness haha.

An overall picture.

Snow White with the which in front of the dwarves' house.

Princess and the Frog. And there's a troll under the bridge.

The headless horseman.

Rapunzel and her prince.

Robin Hood's hideout.

Little Red Riding Hood. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out anything decent for a hood, so I just made her a red head.

Jack and his cow before he trades the cow for some beans. Someone pointed out that cows don't have horns, so I smacked myself on the forehead and removed them at the convention.
What? Of course cows have horns! Must have been thinking about deer and such with antlers - normally females don't have antlers. But even that isn't always true, as both male and female caribou have antlers. But cattle? Heck, if a cow doesn't have horns, it's because they've been sawed off to make them easier to handle or less likely to injure each other. Back in the olden days, cows were also more likely to be left alone, their horns not removed. Oh well! A shame, as your cow with her horns intact, and everything else you've posted - are AWESOME!

Thanks for the pictures, they're fantastic.
Even with the loss of the blurry ones, it took restraint to keep it to 50.
Thanks for the pictures — it's always great to be able to see some impressions from an event like this that you (couldn't|didn't) attend yourself!

Deleted comment

AFAIK it is the largest one in the US; with 700 plus exibitors, and 19000 visitors.

wow! this looked really fun

Nice pics! Good stuff!
I'm hoping to attend BrickCon up in Seattle this October.
It would be my first Lego con.

Thank you for including a photo of my Modulex greenhouse. As others have already noted, Modulex is definitely an official Lego product. I have more info on the background of Lego Modulex on my website
here (http://minibricksmadness.com/faq/).

A good timeline can be found at BrickFetish's site (http://www.brickfetish.com/timeline/1963.html).